Leaders take initiative to “create a world, to which people want to belong” (Robert Dilts).
The origin of the word “leadership” refers to a journey, to movement along a path. Thus, a leader is “someone who takes ideas, people, organisations, societies on a journey by articulating a vision, movitating and deciding.” (Nancy Adler)

Leadership is developed on a very personal level, through personal experience and continuous reflection and effort.

CIELARKO supports leadership development through Coaching and Consulting. As people move positions in an organisation, leadership skills need to be updated and developed continuously, in order to enable the successful functioning of the organisation.

We address a wide spectrum of leadership skills, including:

  • Understanding self and others
  • Communicating clearly and effectively
  • Recognising your leadership style
  • Dealing with increasing responsibility
  • Developing vision and setting goals
  • Developing people
  • Developing teams and team culture
  • Unleashing the ability to motivate and inspire others.

Depending on your specific situation and needs, we tailor one-on-one or team sessions.

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