Functional Fluency

What is Functional Fluency?

Functional Fluency is the art and skill of interpersonal effectiveness. It is a model for understanding how people behave, and a practical framework to help them ‘respond’ more and ‘react’ less.

Insights from the Functional Fluency model encourage people to:

  • focus on their strengths.
  • transform patterns of behaviour that don’t work well.
  • communicate more effectively.
  • find relationships more satisfying and successful.

What is TIFF

The Temple Index of Functional Fluency (TIFF©) is a personal development tool based on the Functional Fluency model. It was created by Susannah Temple in 2002.

  • Completion of the TIFF Questionnaire provides snapshots of the person’s patterns of social behaviour.
  • TIFF does not measure abilities or ‘type’ people in any way.
  • The one-to-one collaborative feedback with a TIFF provider, produces a unique, co-created profile, with discussion, support and guidance for how to put it to use.
  • The TIFF process puts the pesonal back into personal development, boosting morale and motivating change.
  • Using the self-awareness and understanding gained from TIFF enhances people’s abilities to build effective relationships.

TIFF providers are the key to the process. They have completed training and become licensed to use TIFF as a tool in their professional practice. TIFF providers are business consultants, trainers, psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, mentors and teachers. They are dedicated to helping each client understand his or her unique TIFF Profile, and to use it as a framework for positive change and development.

TIFF providers will offer a service tailored to your needs. This could be:

  • A TIFF Profile, supportive feedback and review session for an individual.
  • TIFF for TEAMS – individual profiles and feedbacks, plus group work using Functional Fluency to develop effective relationships and enhance team productivity.
  • TIFF as an integral part of leadership, management or coaching programmes.
  • TIFF Perspectives – profiles are generated by participants on each other, enabling them to reflect on each other’s impressions of their behaviour and how these may be different or similar to their own.

Functional Fluency and TIFF in South Africa

Dr. Layo Seriki has been coordinating the network of Functional Fluency providers in South Africa since 2017. Currently, there are 6 trained and accredited providers in Africa, 3 of them CIELARKO Coaches.

Training to become an accredited provider is a wonderful opportunity for “people professionals”, who support the development of individuals and teams, to add to their own skills and gain an effective tool to use in their work. If you are interested in training as a TIFF Provider as from October this year, please contact us.

Materials for TIFF Providers: - japanese - korean - - usa - indian