Coaching with Horses

A well-developed awareness for the interactions and dynamics between oneself and others is key to effective leadership. Our coaching with horses strengthens this awareness and provides learning opportunities with immediate, unbiased feedback.

Why Horses?

Horses don’t wear masks. They recognise and react to whatever is under the masks we are wearing.

  • Horses are social beings, living naturally within hierarchies.
  • They are powerful non-predatory animals.
  • They mirror human emotions.
  • They make visible the effects of unconscious behaviour.
  • They react strongly to non-verbal communication.
  • They show clear discomfort when there is incongruence between a person’s intention and action.

Within a coaching process, it can be helpful to physically leave your “normal” environment and your headspace for a few sessions and experience yourself with these large animals. The work with horses quickly shows up strengths and challenges. It helps you focus on what is relevant right now. The coach supports you in your reflection during and after the experience, as you implement new patterns in your work / life context.

Curious? Please contact us to discuss this topic, to find out more, and to book your session!

A good place to start may be to join Layo on a Friday morning for a “Reflective Explorations in the Paddock” session.

You can also have a look at how working with horses can be linked to Functional Fluency in this video. - japanese - korean - - usa - indian