Supporting individuals, teams and organisations

The coaching approach is central to CIELARKO’s work. We meet clients in the reality of their current situations. We ask questions to understand the client’s perspective and what lies behind their thinking and behaviour. In co-creating a coaching process with the client, we build on what works for the client and focus on solutions that will strengthen the client.

Topics that we address in individual coaching include leadership, role-clarity within a system, culture, personality and behavioural development. To be coached means to be accompanied in developing individual scopes of action. The coach supports the client in clarifying situations, working out sustainable solutions and making decisions for him/herself.

Coaching is voluntary and confidential. The entire coaching process is based on an agreement developed by client and coach together at the beginning of the process. Goals for the coaching conversations are determined in each session.

Our individual coaching helps clients to recognise where personal history interferes with or supports personal and professional growth. Our focus lies on strengthening the autonomy, self-confidence, clarity and effectiveness of the client.

In our team coaching interventions,

  • we create platforms for team members to connect and engage with each other on a personal and professional level.
  • we support the definition of team goals.
  • we facilitate reflection on resources and obstacles for the team on route to these goals.
  • we guide discussions and negotiations around team behaviour and leadership.
  • we support the implementation of effectiveness measures for the team.

With the sustainable success of entire organisational systems in mind, our coaches are available for executive managers and strategic decision-makers as a sounding board to reflect on various issues on their agenda.

Sometimes clients just want a clear opinion and professional advice from us as management experts and consultants.

In that case, we put on our consulting hat and engage with the client’s professional content based on our theoretical and practical knowledge of organisations and management.

As management consultants, we analyse situations, roles, tasks, and processes. We identify cause and effect relationships, and we give clear recommendations for optimising organisational effectiveness. - japanese - korean - - usa - indian