CIELARKO strengthening Functional Fluency in South Africa

I am thrilled that my dear colleagues, Stefan and Sim, took part in the TIFF provider licensing training, which I co-facilitated with Lieuwe Koopmans in Cape Town this year. This means that CIELARKO has become even stronger in supporting clients to develop Functional Fluency – the art and skill of interpersonal effectiveness. We all need this to get from merely surviving to positively thriving at work and in all areas of our lives!

What I liked most about our 2019 training group was that it was small and diverse. Sally Redshaw, Jeremy Maarman, Simphiwe Mahlanyana and Stefan Graebe brought together a wealth of personal and professional experience from different spaces and cultures. Africa met Europe, the corporate world met the non-profit world, youth development met executive coaching, … The discussions were inspiring and learning happened on a very deep level.

As we continue to bond, learn, and have fun together as a team, we are setting intentions and making commitments to use Functional Fluency (the model) and TIFF (the online tool) in organisations and communities to develop empowered, empowering leadership and healthy relationships between people.

I really love seeing the seeds of this work grow and I look forward to including new clients and new TIFF trainees into our work and our lives in the future.

Layo Seriki (September 2019)

Supervision Day with Lieuwe Koopmans – 24th August

This is what Alex van Oostveen, a Cape Town based coach, supervisor and licensed TIFF provider, has to say about Supervision with Lieuwe Koopmans:

“I met Lieuwe in 2016 when I did my TIFF (Temple Index of Functional Fluency) training in South Africa. Two things immediately struck me about him, he knows what he is talking about and he is a gentle, powerful practitioner.

In June 2019 I did a day-long supervision workshop with Lieuwe and TIFF colleague Layo Seriki. We were profoundly struck by the impact this work had on each of us, personally and professionally. I want to share in this experience with you all again, on 24 August 2019.

I am one who feels safe with a plan and was challenged learning that there was no specific agenda for our day together last June. Part of the experience, and my learning was that a set structure was not necessary for effective work to happen. We co-created how we would work together and ended up doing a cascade-style set of supervision sessions on the key cases we had identified for the day.

Lieuwe is a master of his craft, working in a relational style and using transactional analysis as a tool to round off the learning once the personal work has been done.

If you are interested in learning more about yourself, how to transform your relationship with clients, and about supervision, I recommend this Supervision workshop to you.”

Date: 24 August 2019
Time: 10h00-17h00
Venue: 8 Rusten Close, Marina Da Gama
Investment: R 1,650.00

Click here for bookings or more information.

Functional Fluency thoughts, mid TIFF training by Sim

After attending Module 1 of the TIFF Provider Licensing Training in May 2019, I have noticed a surprising change in the way I think, feel and do things. I have become more aware about my thoughts, feelings and actions and how these affect those around me, either positively or negatively. In my work with people, I am becoming less reactive and more engaging – especially when it comes to difficult situations. It’s pretty amazing how only 3 days of training would have such a positive impact; a positive change; and a positive response to life generally.

As part of the TIFF training Module 1, we looked, in detail, at the Functional Fluency model (defined as – a model for understanding how people behave, and a practical framework to help them ‘respond’ more and ‘react’ less) and how it works. This is one of the best and useful tools to use when working with people. As I work with people on a daily basis, I sometimes find myself between dominating people and at the same time giving in just to make peace. Understanding and using Functional Fluency makes you reflect and make adjustments for the benefit of self and others. Being aware of your interpersonal relationships is key – knowing how people relate to you and how you relate to them. Once you can identify your behaviours (positive and negative), it becomes easy to adapt to any situation in order to make communication effective, and for things to go on as smooth and efficient.

In closing, I am much more grounded now than before beginning the training. The more I feel, think and affirm myself about how great I am, the more I give that energy to my friends, family and all my interpersonal encounters. I feel good. I am happy. I am definitely alert.

Reflective Explorations in the Paddock

In the second half of 2019 Layo is offering outdoor coaching sessions in a horse paddock on Friday mornings from 10am until 12 noon. These sessions are intended to support people on their journey to self-knowledge and growth, taking into account the systems in which they live (family, organisation, relationships).

Come and explore…

… take time to breathe…
… practice awareness…
… listen to your own thoughts and feelings…
… experience yourself in connection with what is…
… see what the horses represent or reflect for you…
… and integrate it all in your own time, in the way that works for you.

For more information or to book a session, contact us.

Our updated logo

In celebrating 11 years as CIELARKO, we have updated our logo to give it a stronger and more focussed look. We are proud and grateful to have grown into CIELARKO Coaching & Consulting, supporting our clients – individuals, teams and organisations – in their growth. Thanks to everyone who has been part of our journey so far. Let’s stay in touch.

TIFF© Provider Licensing Training: Cape Town – 2019

Layo Seriki and Lieuwe Koopmans are teaming up to run this training beginning in May 2019, ending in August 2019. The training is open to coaches, counsellors, trainers, psychotherapists, leaders, HR managers, and other “people professionals”, who support the development of individuals and teams.

The training will have two modules of two days each. Module 1 is scheduled to be on Friday, 31st May and Saturday, 1st June 2019, while Module 2 will be on Thursday, 22nd and Friday, 23rd August 2019. A 1 day introduction to TA for participants, who have not done a TA 101 course is scheduled for Thursday, 30th May 2019.

If you are interested in this training, you can find more information here and/or contact us. - japanese - korean - - usa - indian