Considering recent developments in our world, which has changed significantly with the spread of the Coronavirus, I feel that postponing the SA TIFF© provider training is the responsible thing to do.

Now, more than ever, is a time to increase our ability to respond consciously to what is happening in our lives, to be alert, aware, rational, evaluative, and thus to able to make decisions that benefit us and those around us! Functional Fluency and TIFF© provides support for this.

Therefore, it is important to me that postponing the training does not mean cancelling the training, but rather re-creating it to fit our current reality with its challenges and opportunities. Our South African training group may start a little later in the year, as I am currently working with my international colleagues on creating a training concept that will work really well as an online workshop.

Watch this space for updates on this and please get in touch if you have comments, questions or wishes related to Functional Fluency and TIFF©. - japanese - korean - - usa - indian