From the official inception of CIELARKO in 2008, Layo and Peter have seen cooperation with other organisations and individuals as an important part of our way of working.

It is inspirational to work with others. We have a good network of individuals and organisations that complement our portfolio of competencies. These relationships provide us with the opportunity for professional exchange (of ideas and methods), thus enhancing our creativity as well as our ability to provide clients with excellent service.

This year (2016), encounters with interesting people and their ideas have reminded us of the value that lies in joining forces with “complementary others”.

Layo is working with the Fluent Self organisation to make TIFF (see previous news item) profiling and training accessible to the South African market. See this link for more.

She has also started coordinating a group of practising coaches and therapists interested in expanding their knowledge and experience in the field of Equine Assisted Coaching. The group members learn from and with each other by sharing insights from their own practice, from courses they have participated in and by organising workshops with experts from across the globe. Their aim is to develop this field for the benefit of individuals, organisations and communities in South Africa.

CIELARKO is partnering with Relocation Africa in developing and delivering a one-day workshop to introduce expatriates to the topic of diversity, to prepare them for the difficulties and benefits of an expatriate assignment, and to equip them to deal with diversity-related challenges constructively. To find out more about “The Power of Difference”, follow this link.

Conversations with a few more interesting organisations, whose assets we complement and who complement ours, are underway in South Africa and abroad. We are curious about what lies ahead for us in this regard. If you are, too, keep checking our website for news.


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