“The Horses as Coaches workshop, held at Kapteinskloof, was an instructive, exciting and challenging experience mounted with different impressions for me. The moment I arrived at the entrance of the horse farm there was a sign which indicated that we’re on our way to paradise in the middle of nowhere in the West Coast of South Africa. I immediately realised the place would have a lot to offer and the experience would be enriching. I enjoyed having this feeling for the rest of the first evening as I became acquainted with the other people. The following day we spent some time reflecting on our individual goals re. communication and leadership skills. We went through the rest of the two days having real, practical experiences with the horses and also spent some time discussing the theory background. This process helped us to realise our goals because being close and using the horses as practical examples, we could match our self-images in communication and leadership styles with the public image. Through the support of the coaches who ran the workshop, it was possible for us to work directly with our real lives to identify and realise the changes in this process. The 3 day HaC workshop was very informative for me.”

The Horses as Coaches workshop took place between 19 and 21 February 2014. Email contact@cielarko.biz for future workshop dates.

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