Cecily has been working with young South African Graduates who are learning the German language and getting to know the working environment in German companies!

Selected South African students have been given the opportunity to experience the German work environment in several cities within Germany. The intention behind this is that they use knowledge gained here later on in their jobs in South Africa.

The primary aim of these graduates was to learn the German language, but while learning the language they soon became aware of differences in culture and communication styles between the environment they know and the one in which they are going to live for the next 6 months. They realized that it is essential not only to learn the language, but also intercultural competence and communication skills.

After being in Germany for a few days one of the graduates observed that “people sit in the train, look out of the window and avoid any eye contact or interaction”, which was new and somewhat strange to him. He was glad that he could use some tools Cecily offered to interpret and deal with the situation, instead of feeling offended.

In our Cultural Sensitivity Trainings for Germany, participants

  • gain awareness for customs, traditions and culture in Germany,
  • get prepared for situations they may be faced with in Germany – in the work environment and outside,
  • strengthen their sense of purpose and motivation for the trip overseas.


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