Lessons in authentic COMMUNICATION and LEADERSHIP @ Kapteinskloof

We are currently in the second development phase of a new coaching program using HORSES specifically and NATURE in general to facilitate reflection and learning for our clients.

A well developed awareness for the interactions and dynamics between oneself and others is key to effective leadership. The work with horses offers learning opportunities with immediate feedback. Guided exercises directly mirror real life experiences and challenges around leadership. At the same time they are free from the distractions and ambiguity of human communication.

Horses are herd animals, living naturally within hierarchies. They are also prey animals. When we approach a horse in order to lead it, it will not be distracted by our words, status or appearance. Instead, it is alert to the human as a predator and needs to trust and accept the person as leader, if it is to work with this human being.

“Horses as Coaches” combines co-active coaching principles with those of experiential learning in a tranquil and beautiful setting in the Swartland of South Africa (2 hours drive from Cape Town). We work with specially trained majestic, black Friesian horses.

For more information please contact us, read Manuela’s blog, and watch this site for dates and details.

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